Sunday, July 22, 2012

PatientCare App With Patient Tracker And Prescription Manager

Patient TrackMate is a patientcare application from Ampere Software. It is designed for doctors, nurses and every one related to medical field to make their work efficient and more worthy. Patient TrackMate saves their time and increase medical care quality as it is a single Emr app, acts like multiple.
It is not only a patientcare app but a patient tracker and a prescription manager too. This EMR ipad app is very useful to medical world as it can contain patient records and its complete history so patient and doctor both need not to worry about the old records. Old records are very important to cure a long disease and to search old records of a patient is a time taking process. Patient TrackMate EMR Software App holds all past and present records of a patient thus helps a doctor to cure his/her patient.
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