Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Patient TrackMate EMR Software App Over Paper Based Records

Patient TrackMate is an EMR Software Application specially developed and designed for iPad. It is available on apple itune app store. This application helps a medical person to store patient records, patient medical history and all kind of patient data. Patient TrackMate Software Application overcomes the drawbacks of paper based records. To keep paper based records is a very tough procedure, it takes too much of space and time. And these records can't be online, if any time you need them online. Or if you need any old record, it is very difficult to search that particular record from the existing bulk.
These paper based records can't be stored at your home as it takes so much of space. Every time you have to go to the hospital, if you need to see any record. With the help of Patient TrackMate these problems can be solved in minuets. All the patient Records can be stored in your very small handy iPad system. You can carry all the data every time, see it when ever you need, make it online whenever you want or let it be offline. no much space required, less expensive, handy records are now possible with Patient TrackMate.
Patient Trackmate is very affordable and easy to use app, It is fully offline and when ever you need, make it as online. It follows all the medical limits, makes a doctor's life easy. Keep your Patient records with you and use it according to your comfort.

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