Thursday, June 28, 2012

Patient TrackMate - EMR Software Application For iPad

Patient TrackMate is an electronic medical record, It is developed by Ampere Software. Use of EMR Softwares, in hospitals provide a better patientcare.
How will you handle a patient record? How do you manage paper records? What if by mistake you enter wrong data of a patient, on paper? And many question raise when you use paper based system to store patient records. Is in it better that store data and forget where have you stored in your iPad and whenever you need just search. And if you stored wrong data just delete and enter the write data,no waste of paper.
Answer for all these type of questions is Patient TrackMate. This emr software is designed for iPads, it stores Bulk of data electronically. So takes very less space and no worries of wasting of data as you will reuse the space.

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