Monday, June 18, 2012

Patient TrackMate, Evolutionary Program App From Ampere Software

Patient TrackMate is an EMR Software which can be used by every doctor, physician, Nurse, and Patient too and every one related to this field. It is an storage place where one can store data and every kind of patient record. Unlike paper based records this EMR software app take a very small place to store your patient data as any software stores data digitally. The biggest difference between Patient Trackmate EMR software app and other EMR software apps is that Patient TrackMate target every audience. It is a very secure and affordable app.
Target Audiences are:
1 Hospitals
2 Large Practices
3 medium practices
4 small practices
 5 single practitioner
So as you can see that this EMR Software App can be used by big hostals to single person.

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